Lawrence of Arabia's Headdress
Lawrence of Arabia's Headdress
The headdress on a mannequin head atop the wall at the front of the Holes of Python.

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1-37 (37)


September 11, 1993[1]


Green Monkeys


Candice & David

Artifact Location

The Holes of Python

Pendants of Life


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Lawrence of Arabia's Headdress is the 37th episode of Legends of the Hidden Temple. It was the first to be aired despite being one of the last Season 1 episodes taped.

Moat Crossing

Before each team was a bridge of floating rings. When Kirk gave the signal, the first player had to scramble across the floating rings to the other side of the moat. Once across, they then had to step off, signaling their partner to do the same. As always, when both players were across, they had to then run over and hit the gong.

Moat Results
Finish Team Time
1st Green Monkeys 0:19
2nd Orange Iguanas 0:25
3rd Red Jaguars 0:27
4th Silver Snakes 0:28

Steps of Knowledge

Long ago, an Englishman went to Egypt to study archaeology. That wise student of lost civilizations eventually became the great war hero Lawrence of Arabia. During World War I, he dressed up like an Arab and fought behind enemy lines. Legend has it, though, that dressing up like an Arab wasn't all his idea. One day, he and Hassid, his faithful Arab servant, saddled up their camels for a day trip to a nearby oasis. Halfway there, a sudden sandstorm came up, and they lost their way. When the dust settled, they were face-to-face with enemy troops.

"Relax, boss," said Hassid.

He whipped out a tablecloth from his saddle pack and threw it over Lawrence's head like a traditional Arab headdress.

"Keep your head down and nod a lot."

The soldiers didn't suspect a thing and let them go. Lawrence loved his new headgear so much that he wore it for the rest of the war.

Steps of Knowledge Results
Question Answers Team
Was Lawrence a(n)…?
  • Englishman
  • Frenchman
  • Arab
Green Monkeys (Correct - 2 steps left)
Did Lawrence operate in Arabia in…?
  • The Six-Day War
  • World War II
  • World War I
Silver Snakes (Correct - 2 steps left)
Lawrence of Arabia operated out of Cairo. Is Cairo in…?
  • Libya
  • Iraq
  • Egypt
Red Jaguars (Correct - 2 steps left)
Before the war, Lawrence studied ancient civilizations. Was he…?
  • An Anthropologist
  • An Archaeologist
  • An Architect
Orange Iguanas (Correct - 2 steps left)
Were the Arabs that Lawrence led called…?
  • Bedouins
  • Barbarians
  • Basques
Red Jaguars (Wrong Answer)
Bedouins have no permanent homes. Are these people called…?
  • Normans
  • Nomads
  • Notaries
Red Jaguars (Correct - 1 step left)
Which of these animals do Bedouins use for transportation?
  • Reindeer
  • Llamas
  • Camels
Orange Iguanas (Correct - 1 step left)
Does a camel store its water in…?
  • Its Hump
Green Monkeys (Correct - 1 step left)
Is a one-humped camel…?
  • A Sedentary
  • A Dromedary
  • A Confectionery
Red Jaguars (Correct - Advanced to Temple Games)
Lawrence and the Arabs captured Damascus. Today, is Damascus the capital of…?
  • India
  • Syria
  • Spain
Silver Snakes (Correct - 1 step left)
Did Lawrence of Arabia campaign in the…?
  • Middle East
  • Far East
  • East Indies
Green Monkeys (Correct - Advanced to Temple Games)

Temple Games

The Red Jaguars are 14-year-old Angel, who plays the trumpet in a band (his favorite song to play being "Yesterday" by the Beatles), and 12-year-old Brittany who dances jazz, tap, and ballet. The Green Monkeys are 13-year-old David, who plays soccer, and 14-year-old Candice, who writes plays.

Eye on the Nile (Obelisk)

S1E37 Temple Game 1

When Kirk gave the signal, Angel and David had to start at the base, grab the thread, climb to the eye of the needle, drop it, climb back down, thread it through the eye on the floor, and repeat the process. The first player to thread both eyes or the player furthest along in 60 seconds won. Both players managed to thread the bottom eye once, but David threaded the top eye again at the last second, awarding him a half pendant of life.

Long-Tailed Turbans (Dragon Tunnel)

S1E37 Temple Game 2

Crossing enemy lines when you are wearing a turban can be tough, especially when you have to tunnel under them. When Kirk gave the signal, Brittany and Candice had to burrow through the dragon tunnels as quickly as they can, and grab the turban tail at the other side, put it on their heads, and come back through the tunnel. Unfortunately, the turban has a long tail, so when either player returns to their starting side, she had to keep pulling their turban tail behind them. The first player to pull their turban all the way through the tunnel or the player furthest along in 60 seconds won. Candice managed to pull her turban tail all the way out with 14 seconds of spare time, awarding her a half pendant of life.

Egyptian Pyramids (Water Ramp)

S1E37 Temple Game 3

Lawrence of Arabia originally came to Egypt to study the pyramids. Here, both teams had to reconstruct an ancient Egyptian pyramid. At the base of each pyramid were three huge blocks. The first player from each team had to sit with the block behind him/her, and when Kirk gave the signal, use their legs and push themselves up to the top of the pyramid then slide back down, touch their partner, signaling their turn to do the same. The first team with all three blocks at the top or the team furthest along in 60 seconds won. Neither team got all three of their blocks at the top, but the Green Monkeys managed to get two blocks at the top while the Red Jaguars had one, sending the Green Monkeys to the temple with two full pendants. The Red Jaguars did not win any pendants.

Temple Games Results
Team Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Pendants Won
Red Jaguars Lost Lost Lost 0 Pendants
Green Monkeys Won Won Won 2 Pendants

Temple Run

Candice started by going into the Cave of Sighs and instantly met a Temple Guard. However, as the team had won both pendants of life, she went on up into the Room of the Royal Gongs and then across the Troubled Bridge and then up into the Observatory. She then climbed down into the Room of the Fallen Columns where Temple Guard took her out. David followed her path all the way to the Treasury of Golden Orbs and gave the third Temple Guard his pendant. He then headed into the Shrine of the Silver Monkey with 1:03 remaining After picking up all three pieces and assembling it in 16 seconds he, instead of entering the Well, he entered the Tomb of the Ancient Kings (Which was a quicker route to the Holes of Python). He then grabbed the headdress with only 27 seconds remaining he headed through the Throne Room, Wheel Room and the Cave of Sighs as well as passing through two wall climbs (The first being from the Holes of Python to the Throne Room and the second one being from the Wheel Room to the Cave of Sighs) He made it to the Cave of Sighs with only five seconds. When he left the Cave of Sighs, there was only three seconds remaining and he then ran through the gate with one second remaining (The clock went down to zero shortly after.)

Temple Run Results
Victory Yes (0:01 Left)
Reached the Artifact Yes
Temple Guard Locations

The Cave of Sighs

The Room of Fallen Columns

The Treasury of Golden Orbs

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