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March 22, 2012 (as OsamabinLadenFan25)

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2,804 (as of today)

OsamabinLadenFan25 (formerly GreenMonkeyFan1995) is a YouTuber best known for uploading all 120 regular Legends of the Hidden Temple episodes (not counting the YouTube Specials, fan-fiction, or WiiWare episodes).

As GreenMonkeyFan25

OlmecnFan25's (then GreenMonkeyFan1995) original YouTube channel was taken down by the TVPMM for uploading the music from the show. Now he does not upload the music anymore so he won't get anymore copyright strikes (even though he/she uploaded the main theme). Unfortunately, his account was terminated along with all episodes on September 15, 2015.

As OlmecFan25

Starting in 2012, he uploaded the temple runs of every episode then uploaded the full episodes. He also uploaded "Olmec Guides You Through" videos (from the temple run where Olmec guides the team through the temple in search of the artifact) and his custom introductions (with a bleep sound to withhold the artifact).

OlmecFan25's LOTHT Announcement


This is a special video that I've made. But it is just for those who were contestants on "Legends of the Hidden Temple."

Fans can watch the video, too. But this is just for contestants.

About the Announcement

On August 23, 2013, OlmecFan25 made a special announcement (titled My LOTHT Announcement) to all former Hidden Temple contestants:

(Legends Title Card)

In this video, I will be making a special announcement.

I'm looking for anyone who was a former contestant who was on the show. If you were a contestant, send me a personal message and I'll interview you.

Which episode were you in?

Here's an example:

Olmec: "The Legend of the Mussel Shell Armor of Apanuugpak. Which of the 6 teams were you on?

And many more questions on the interview.

So please feel free to send me a personal message if you were a contestant and I'll gladly interview you.

Thanks for watching!

(Legends Title Card)

Account Description

This is GreenMonkeyFan1995.

My YouTube channel was taken down by the TVPMM for uploading the music from "Legends of the Hidden Temple".

This time, I will not upload the music again just so I could then get three strikes again.

All 120 episodes from the show have been uploaded. Enjoy viewing "Legends of the Hidden Temple"!


If you want to add me as a friend, state your reason why; why you like the show, who your favorite team(s) were, etc.

However, if you try to add me and you are not a fan, I will block you.


LOTHT Music is right below.











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