The Dried Ear of Corn of Sojourner Truth

Production Number

3-36 (116)


August 15, 1995

Winning Team

Green Monkeys


Eddie & Tess

Artifact Location

The Jester's Court

Pendants of Life


Temple Layout


Previous Episode

The Lost Whale Bone of Pytheas (Production Order)
The Missing Portrait of Hans Holbein (Broadcast Order)

Next Episode

The Jeweled Scabbard of Sforza (Production Order)
The Pearl Necklace of Gwalior (Broadcast Order)

The Dried Ear of Corn of Sojourner Truth is the 116th episode of Legends of the Hidden Temple.

The Moat

The Steps of Knowledge

The Temple Games

​Feed the Union Soldiers (Rotating Levers)

​Rally Preparation (Oversized Table)

​Hide Your Money (Trampoline Web)

The Temple Run

Eddie went first, ran up to the Crypt, and opened the door on his first try. He fell of the rope in the Pit of the Pendulum after trying to get back up. He gave up his pendant to the temple guard in the Chamber of the Sacred Markers. It he finally opened the door leading to the Room of the Ancient Warriors with about 2 minutes left in the run. He tried the middle suit of armor first, opening the door, but also hiding a temple guard. About half a minute went by until Tess made it to the Room of the Ancient Warriors. She didn't know though that Eddie had opened the door already, and tried the third set of armor. Another 30 seconds went by when she attempted to assemble the monkey backwards before realizing it was the other way. With 30 seconds left in the run, she made to the Dark Forest and knowing her luck, the left tree held the spirit of a temple guard. She gave up her pendant, and found the key in the same tree. Not knowing where to put it, she looked around for a few seconds before placing it in the correct location on the right. She had entered the crawl tube when time expired.

Watch Episode

Legends of the Hidden Temple Dried Ear of Corn of Sojourner Truth24:20

Legends of the Hidden Temple Dried Ear of Corn of Sojourner Truth


  • This was the last episode where an artifact is placed in the Jester's Court and the last time an artifact was placed in that room space.
  • This was the only run with an artifact hidden in the Jester's Court where a team other than the Orange Iguanas went to the temple.
  • This is the last episode to feature a spirit of a temple guard in The Dark Forest.
  • This was the only time a temple spirit was given a pendant in Season 3.
  • This is also the last episode where the team was unable to grab the artifact before time expired.

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