The Enormous Feather of the Mê Linh

Production Number

3-24 (104)


December 7, 1995


Orange Iguanas


David & Karisa

Artifact Location

The King's Storeroom

Pendants of Life


Temple Layout


Previous Episode

The Lost Hornpipe of the Pirate Captain

Next Episode

The Red Sash of Tokugawa Ieyasu

​The Enournous Feather of the Mê Linh is the 104th episode of Legends of the Hidden Temple

The Moat

Slide belly down across the slippery path.

1st - Purple Parrots 2nd - Silver Snakes 3rd - Blue Barracudas 4th - Orange Iguanas

The Steps of Knowledge

1 - Purple Parrots 2 - Silver Snakes 3 - Purple Parrots 4 - Blue Barracudas 5 - Purple Parrots (Really, really correct) 6 - Orange Iguanas 7 - Silver Snakes 8 - Orange Iguanas 9 - Orange Iguanas

The Temple Games

1 - Knock over your opponent's warriors by rolling big boulders - Orange Iguanas won (2-1)

2 - Retrieve arrows hanging upside down and drop them in bucket - Orange Iguanas won (4-2)

3 - Swing your partner into the three statues - Purple Parrots won (3-1) with 23 seconds left

The Temple Run

David started by racing up to the Crypt and into the Pit of the Pendulum. He headed into the Tomb of the Headless Kings, where he met his first Temple Guard. He followed the bottom floor to the Dark Forest where he was taken out. Karisa got to the Dark Forest with 1:25 remaining. She stalled in the Quicksand Bog until Kirk told her what to do. She entered the Shrine and finally entered the Room of the Ancient Warriors with 32 seconds remaining. She got the feather with about 10 seconds left, but was only in the Pit of the Pendulum when time expired.

Victory No
Reached the Artifact Yes
Method of Loss Failed Escape
Temple Guard Locations

The Tomb of the Headless Kings

The Dark Forest

Watch Episode

The Enormous Feather of the Me Linh24:20

The Enormous Feather of the Me Linh


  • This was the last episode that featured an artifact in the King's Storeroom and the last time that an artifact was hidden in the Top of the Central Shaft.
  • This was first and only time that a contestant manages to make it to an artifact at the top of the Central Shaft in Season 3.
  • This was the last episode in the series where a member of the Orange Iguanas managed to acquired an artifact before time expired.

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