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The Room of the Ancient Warriors

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Objective Completion


Temple Guard Encounters


Artifacts Featured

The Snow Cone of Mount Kilimanjaro
The Dried Apple Half of William Tell
The Bullet-Riddled Handbag of Belle Boyd
The Jeweled Scabbard of Sforza
The Jewel-Encrusted Egg of Catherine the Great

Half Pendants Featured

TV Movie

Adjoining Rooms

The King's Storeroom
The Chamber of the Sacred Markers
The Shrine of the Silver Monkey
The Jester's Court

The Room of the Ancient Warriors is a room in Olmec's Temple. In this room, the contestant must place themselves into the armor and pull down the levers to open an door. A temple guard can catch the contestant from behind the right armor and he or she would be spun to the back to hand their pendant to a stagehand.


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