The Temple Games is the last round of the game played by the two teams that remain after crossing The Moat and descending The Steps of Knowledge. The Temple Games determine which team gets to go into the temple. There are always three temple games played, and they are usually based upon the legend of the show. The first two rounds are played by a single team member, and the winning member of each team collects half a pendant of life. The third and final game is a teamwork-based game, in which both teammates have to work together to score points or complete the game's objective(s). The winner of the third game collects a full pendant of life.

Temple Game Timer

The timer used in the temple games.

After all three games are played, the Team that has collected the most Pendants of Life moves on to The Temple Run. If there's a tie, the game is determined by a final tiebreaker question. The first team to buzz in gets to answer: If they are correct, they're going to the temple, but if they are incorrect, the other team wins by default.

Temple Game Types

Season 1


Peanut Shaft

Pulley Pillar


Velcro Ball Toss

Dragon Tunnel

Bungee Soap Line

Bungee Soap Mat

Bamboo Forest

Body Wrap


Season 2

Swinging Sandbags

Spinning Horse


Trapeze Grid

Plugging Holes



Squirting Statue





Giant Steps


Season 3

Pop-Up Tunnel

Trampoline/Net Maze

Big "E" Wall


Swinging Foam Boulders

Rolling Hollow Drums

Trampoline Web

Galloping Machine

Tunnel Maze

Sinking Steps

Trampoline/Rock Basketball

Bungee Boulder Chute

Rolling Foam Boulders

Giant Table

Two Seasons

Climbing Wall (1 & 2)

Mountain (1 & 2)

Tilt Swing (2 & 3)

Cubbyhole Web (2 & 3)

Slingshot Bowling (2 & 3)

Slingshot Wall (2 & 3)

Olmec Wheels (2 & 3)

Bungee Ceiling (2 & 3)

Sack Swing (2 & 3)

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